After having the opportunity to introduce our company Euroland Designs, S.L. to you, I would like to give also a personal presentation. I am often times asked how I ended up with my carpentry business in Mallorca.

After finishing school and an apprenticeship in my hometown Hamburg, Germany I received an interesting job offer in the United States. In the 1980’s I could prove my professional skills for the first time in Chicago, Illinois where I got soon into contact with the Hyatt-Hotel-Group. This ended up being a valuable business contact for my future endeavors.

Several years later I got the opportunity to take part in a big project in San Francisco, California. It was at this construction site where I came into contact with Asiens for the first time. At the start of the construction boom in South East Asia in the 90’s, l received an assignment for a large hotel project in Jakarta, Indonesia.

That was followed by a project for the interior design of a multi-story office building in Shanghai, China. While planning and constructing in China, which at that time was just beginning to open its doors to the world, my team and I were confronted with challenges we never experienced before. The following project in Shanghai was for the entire interior design of the Sofitel-Hotel on Nanjing Lu, the main shopping street. There my company installed the first hotel brewery in China, imported from Germany. A twin project was completed aftemards in Wuhan.

In 2001 my wife and I visited friends in Mallorca and got to know the island. We decided to move permanently and set up our work shop here. Since 2002 our company has been operating successfully. With decades of professional experience in this business we are always able to cater to demanding international clients and to realize their dreams for an outstanding residence on the island.

Frank Ebert

Workshop & Staff