Germany’s leading manufacturer of high quality windows made of premium wood and wood/aluminium combinations.

Mallorca as it once was:

Traditional Majorcan windows and doors made to order.

With portillones, antiquated and with glass dividing bars, in mahagony, iroko or any wood species of your liking. But always with today’s technical features!

We work with following wood species:

  • DURA Pine PEFC
  • Larch
  • Europine
  • Meranti
  • Red Grandis FSC
  • Mahagony FSC
  • Oak
  • Iroco
  • Central Europe
  • Sweden
  • Indonesia
  • Uruguay
  • Congo
  • Central Europe
  • Camerun
  • Camerun

Each component used for a window is a block of wood which is laminated out of three or four against its natural grain pattern. This prevents it from bending.

Our manufacturing facility and the administration building in Goldenstedt between Bremen and Osnabrück.

Terrace door with fixed french balcony in glass

Beautiful traditional details

Traditional or modern: Our windows provide comfort and protection against heat, sunlight, rain and cold. Burglar protection is provided by certified burglar-resistant design, glass and locking systems.

The premier class of windows: wooden frames provide extra comfort and elegance to the interior of the house while aluminium covers on the the exterior side of the window protect against the natural elements and make maintenance unnecessary.

Kowa is a family owned company in its third generation, located in Northern Germany. With a work force of nearly 100 employees we manufacture modern, long lasting premium windows by combining state-of-the-art CNC wood working technology with professional craftsmanship and decades of experience. Month by month over 2000 window and door elements leave our production facilities for delivery to customers all over Europe. Customers who demand excellent quality, the latest technology available in the market place and smooth performance.

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